Oh hello there

I have a few things to share...

1. Coconut water.... Where the hell have you been all my life (and yes I realise I am the last person to jump on this bandwagon) my lovely client bought me a little box of this goodness and I used it in my morning smoothie instead of just boring old H20 and it was delicious. I had a read online and there are some serious benefits to drinking from this liquid cocobox. I ordered a 12 pack quick smart from here this morning and I can expect it to arrive tomorrow! How's that for pronto postman!



2. I bought this tshirt from cotton on and I'm a big fan... update: I wore it at work and covered the side of it in dark brown tint.....fail.


3. These frames from the dollar saver store in Northlands Mall are $3.90 they are about 2kg each frame and made from a heavy resin. I'm into them.... And I've used them before here. If you are in the area I have kindly left a few there to buy haha, go get some!! Oh and once again, cotton on charity bags are just the best!


4. We had our third wedding anniversary on the 10th of January, Guy handmade me a card which I was over the moon impressed with annnnd I wore my wedding dress for an hour or so, no big deal.....


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