The NOM NOM club

I sent out a request to my instagram community the other day and it went a little something like this...

IG friends, I am one of those people who likes to plan a menu for the week...its good on the budget and hopefully the waistline. But I get super sick of recycling the same meals... So, I'm gonna start posting some pics of our meals with #thenomnomclub and post the recipe on my blog...this is ALL in the hope that some of you do the same and have a few good noms to share.

If not, the nomnom club will be short lived...As then I'll have to start recycling my own noms.... Awkward.

Get amongst it, share your noms, it's what friends do.

So that's it, hopefully a club is born full of ideas for easy food.... Just use Pinterest I hear you say? Well good point, but if I jump on Pinterest to look for meal ideas, all I end up doing is repinning 30 non food related pins, then I stare at the food pictures, feel even more hungry but ultimately overwhelmed by the fact that I don't have time to make the 5 layer cheesecake that I want to eat for dinner.

Hopefully the NOM NOM club will be a direct link to some quick meals, I will also be posting my weekly meal plan when I can, so that might be kinda helpful. If you're into it, share it around, post the NOM NOM club pic to your feed and get recruiting....lets get a good group of nommers going!

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