Shed update

This shed is getting closer and closer to being done, once the battens are all on we can give it another coat of stain to have it looking dapper as hell. Oh, and there is a working tap on the side of it, right there, a tap!!!!!! The process of getting that tap on the side of that shed is no easy task... It involved a lot of digging trenches and laying of pipes and refilling trenches.
Ok. So I dug about 30cm of it, and even that had my brain in a boggle! I'm so impressed with Guy and how he has picked everything up so quickly. So far there has been nothing he can't do and I am as proud as punch. He does have an amazing mentor in my Dad, it's like watching a building themed karate kid movie.... You need to be one with the digger Guy San....


Mirror mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, make my house look big not small.... Clearly I missed my calling as a poet.

Seriously though, mirrors are the perfect way to add big space to small places. The first time I created a mirror wall was in our first home in was tiny and adorable. We had these beautiful French doors that looked out to the hills , which was great when you were facing that way, but when you were looking inside the house it was a little darker and felt a bit small. The mirrors were the first things to go into our home, I found 16 square mirrors on trademe for a silly price and bought them before we even went unconditional. When I covered the small wall between the kitchen and living room with the mirrors it suddenly bought masses of light in to the room, not to mention the great views that were once outside my doors were suddenly right beside my couch as well. Win, win.

These couch side views ignited my love affair with mirror walls, we now have two in our current home. Let me introduce you.

The first is a collection of retro beveled mirrors (most found on trademe yet again) I think the mirrors averaged $10 each. I laid each mirror down on some news paper, traced their outline and cut them out, then with the help of blutak I moved them around on the wall until I was happy with the layout and banged a hook into each piece of paper which I ripped away before I hung the real deal. The wall really brightens up what was originally a dark little area of the living room and the mismatched mirrors become a great feature.


The second is in my little home salon and it's a different look completely, the room is reasonably small but has French doors going out to the deck that open it up nicely. By putting a mirror wall directly opposite the French doors it reflects all of that sweet light back through the room and creates the feeling of a lot more space

This time I went to Mitre 10 mega and bought some mirror tiles.....which, may i add, I was undercharged for greatly and when I figured this out my conscience and I drove all the way back the next day to pay the difference. I think they thought I was mad but I super mario bounced and collected 50 Good Samaritan points, thank you very much!

When hanging mirrors in a clean grid like this you need to be a little more mathematical as anything that's a bit off when laid in a grid pattern is really noticeable. Measuring tape, pencils, patience and a measured cut out guide are your best friends in this case.