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Long time, no see! Apologies for the zero posting (usually I wouldn't say that because I don't like to assume you have missed me, but a very special reader has taken it upon herself to gently remind me when I've been absent for too long.... So this is for you) we have had something to do and somewhere to go every weekend for the last few weeks that hasn't been 'build related'... we have builders guilt... Our build conscience (yes, he is a fat hairy builder-fairy with offensively low slung shorts, sitting on our shoulders) has been grunting at us and mocking our social ways. But, builders guilt aside....we've been having a damn good time.

* a crafty day with a girlfriend and the carousel flora ladies


* a hens weekend in Marlborough biking to the many wineries and drinking






* an ahhhhmazing engagement party for a couple of our nearest and dearest at their wonderful farm which I have talked about before

* Lake Pukaki amazingness.... Heaven on earth.


* crafting and sending away a pretty garland for a lovely lady's wedding
Oh...There has been quite a shift and change with the build as well.... Which I'll get to ASAP but before I do.... I have a 7 METRE!!!!! garland to finish for a wedding this weekend. Yikes.
P.S I'm getting my hair done today..... High jump with a karate kick - pow!

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