chocolate bunnies

4 glorious days off work, one day trip to Hickory bay with friends Penny + Seth and baby Jack, 3 days working on the section, 100 gazillion chocolate bunnies in our tummies. Win!
Little river stop off for possibly the best spinach and feta scone ever...
Board bags come with nappy bags for Seth these days
Walking in to Hickory Bay



There's always time to cut some beach shapes

Penny and her delicious wee man Jack
Then I stole hog...... And he fell asleep! Awwwww
Surprise! Ju and Caleb arrived.... Ju got in on some Jack love as well.
Walking back over the hill to reality....

Dinner at the Akaroa hilltop pub....that place is amazing these days! If you haven't been lately, do go!
We also watched baby seals jumping, diving and frolicking in the water while we ate far too much cheese, focaccia and chips..... although too much of those three things is never enough in my opinion. All in all, it was one of those days that made you feel incredibly lucky to be living in New Zealand...
Such a great day out and soooo many photos that I think I will post about the section work another time. I am planning on getting myself a proper little point and shoot camera at some stage....the iPhone is just so damn easy but not the best when it comes to picture quality I guess.
Hope you all had a great break and ate plenty of hot cross buns with creme egg chasers..... X


  1. Looks like a gorgeous long weekend!
    Miss nz so much.

  2. Looks like a gorgeous long weekend!
    Miss nz so much.

    1. Thanks! I recognised your name on IG, I'm sure you made my sisters beautiful necklace that she wore on her wedding day... You've got skills.

    2. Wow! Your Easter weekend looks like so much fun :) The views are amazing!


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