Consent? Tick!


We are officially building consent, finance and insurance approved for our build!!! What a feeeeeling! (Sing it!)
And boy, what a process! Thank God for Guy, I couldn't have done it without him....and I think we only had to use our safe song twice. Not bad at all.
I say I couldn't have done it without Guy, well I also couldn't have done it without Olivia and Brent from Design and Consents North Canterbury, those two are nothing short of amazing. We picked up with DCNC after a slightly failed attempt with a different draughtsman.... After our experience with the first person I had lost a bit of spark over the project to be honest. I felt that everything was going to be too hard basket or out of our budget or way behind our schedule. We had to cut ties with him and a chunk of our budget, which was a bit of an ouch moment.
But it was onward and upward, DCNC were 100% on our wavelength, nothing was a problem and if there was, they didn't come back with a problem but instead a well explained solution.... A serious breath of fresh air. They had some great ideas for details we would have completely overlooked and now those ideas will make the house even more special. Just to solidify their awesomeness with some back up.... I called the Waimak council at one point to ask a question re: our consent, the man I was talking to said " Oh, I see DCNC have submitted your plans for you, well you can rest assured there will be no problems with that, they are so onto it and thorough, that's the name I like to see when I receive plans" .....oh yea..... I was feeling pretty smug, I had my cool kid strut going. I already knew this, I could tell from my experience with them so far, but hearing it from someone at the council and as just a random point, unrelated to our convo. Well, that was pretty cool.
The best part about this, they are affordable, even for tight purse strings like ours! I couldn't recommend them any more, if you are reading and about to start building, call them!
Tel: +64 3 314 7279


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