Hard yakka

It's here!!!! The part we have been so eagerly awaiting and......it sucks! Ha! Foundations are a beast of a thing, especially when your ground is full of gravel and stones and especially when you need to dig 700mm deep around the perimeter and under each load bearing wall. Then you have to do all the boxing (once again we have had a case of the 'amazing neighbours' and we were given a serious amount of boxing to use....unreal!) boxing is not where it ends though.... Not even close, there is so much work that goes into the foundations of a build. Probably more so since New Zealand gave shaking Christchurch off the map a good nudge. On a positive note, I don't think this house will be going anywhere if it tries anything like that again.... Which it won't... touch wood, cross my fingers, touch your hair (is that really a thing)

Guy and Dad have been working rain and shine all weekend and some nights after work to get it done. These men are unstoppable, there hasn't been a lot I can help with at this stage which has been kinda hard to handle, I hate not having a job. I'm sure when the steel tying comes along I'll be recruited because I did such an awesome job of the shed. Can I get a Woop.

Looking forward to the day that a concrete truck arrives full of the stuff....that will be a good day, or as I have been pre warned possibly a little stressful seeing as the concrete floors will be exposed and need to look pretty awesome. So as long as I have a concrete truck on my section and a red wine in my hand, I should be fine.

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