Weekend jobs


This weekend we were raking and leveling the sand on top of the compacted fill for the slab. It was just my Mum and Dad out there with me on Saturday because Guy had work commitments....although come Sunday when the rain REALLY started to fall, Guy was back in his gumboots with Dad and they worked the whole day in the pouring rain. Gotta love them.

I actually thought I'd add this little video my Mum took of Dad and I working....it's super boring....ha! But this is what our weekends are like these days.

Party on, Guy. Party on, Katrina.


Oh and yes, you heard right....only Guy and Dad were working out at the section on Sunday. Because I was tending to Rufus who we will now refer to as Frankenkitty. He had an emergency trip to the vet due to a nasty abscess on his noggin! It was horrible, there was blood and gag reflexes (not his), a very angry Frankenkitty and a slight misunderstanding on my part that my cat was indeed pregnant and having an emergency caeserean....slightly ridiculous, he is a tomcat.... Obviously what the vet assistant meant was that they had to perform an emergency caeserean on a different lady-animal and Rufus would be a little late. Of course. That aside, he is recovering well all thanks to Dr Thea Sweeney...aka Angel Face, from Total Vets.



Baby showering 2.0


Last Saturday I had the absolute PRIVILEGE of throwing my Sister and Brother in law a baby shower. After 15 years of a gorgeous marriage and good times they are finally becoming a family of three after adopting their beautiful daughter who will be home with them in September!! Woohoo

I flew over to Melbourne with my Mum and I only lost my passport twice once.... Thank goodness for the lady in 20e who found it on her seat and tracked me down. I am useless when it comes to traveling without Guy, next time I am off away on my own I have asked him to put me in a straight jacket of sorts and draw a diagram on my front which points out little pockets containing my passport, boarding pass etc and I'll just be quiet and let the straight jacket diagram carry me through.

I wanted to make a special gift for the baby shower (kinda like Hudson's book) that Gracie could hold on to and something that everyone who loves her and her parents had contributed to. I took further inspiration from Hudson and his intense love for his blankie and decided a blanket was going to be it.




We bought a gorgeous cotton/cashmere blanket and then I took a trip to spotlight and picked up some wool and pompom makers. We set up a pompom making area and after everyone left I trimmed all the pompoms and attached them around the edges of the blankie with some wool and a wool needle. Actually Homestyle mag had a great 'how to' recently which featured pompoms which is worth a squiz!



A pic of the two new parents holding it up and a quick run through the Over app and it made a super sweet thank you card for them to send to their friends.
P.S I solemnly swear to stop being lazy and using my camera for my photos....