Baby showering 2.0


Last Saturday I had the absolute PRIVILEGE of throwing my Sister and Brother in law a baby shower. After 15 years of a gorgeous marriage and good times they are finally becoming a family of three after adopting their beautiful daughter who will be home with them in September!! Woohoo

I flew over to Melbourne with my Mum and I only lost my passport twice once.... Thank goodness for the lady in 20e who found it on her seat and tracked me down. I am useless when it comes to traveling without Guy, next time I am off away on my own I have asked him to put me in a straight jacket of sorts and draw a diagram on my front which points out little pockets containing my passport, boarding pass etc and I'll just be quiet and let the straight jacket diagram carry me through.

I wanted to make a special gift for the baby shower (kinda like Hudson's book) that Gracie could hold on to and something that everyone who loves her and her parents had contributed to. I took further inspiration from Hudson and his intense love for his blankie and decided a blanket was going to be it.




We bought a gorgeous cotton/cashmere blanket and then I took a trip to spotlight and picked up some wool and pompom makers. We set up a pompom making area and after everyone left I trimmed all the pompoms and attached them around the edges of the blankie with some wool and a wool needle. Actually Homestyle mag had a great 'how to' recently which featured pompoms which is worth a squiz!



A pic of the two new parents holding it up and a quick run through the Over app and it made a super sweet thank you card for them to send to their friends.
P.S I solemnly swear to stop being lazy and using my camera for my photos....

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