Friday five



I really love when I'm looking through blogs and they have a little link list that leads me to things I hadn't heard of or seen before....and if I had heard or seen it before, I liked hearing and seeing it again. Ya know?


Well I love music, all the time, all day long. So today I have five songs to share with you that you might like too...


LAY ME DOWN ---> The Oh Hello's


SELL IT TO YOU ---> Bronze Radio Return


WHISKEY DREAMS ---> Wild Child


CATS AND DOGS ---> The Head And The Heart


ELEGY ---> Hey Marseilles


Happy Friday! Framing day tomorrow.... Wooooop!



  1. Thanks Trinz - I'm always on the look out for new songs. xx

    1. Yay, was there actually something you hadn't heard before...That's a first for you and I! Xo


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