from afar



I took this photo in the weekend..... And it's already changed so much so I'll have to take another. I was thinking I've never really taken a photo from the front fence, so here goes.

I finallllllly cut the grass, one of our fantastic neighbours let me borrow their ride on mower (oh yea, we sold ruby red), it took a couple of hours and my body maintained a vibrational hum for at least 30mins after I finished..... Can I count that as a power plate workout?

I've pointed out what's what below....the shed (HQ), that we built over Summer and the pump shed....which was the first thing to be built on this site. It houses the pump for the water tank. One day you won't be able to see it past those trees when they grow up!



I found an old photo of Ruby, I felt a little nostalgic for our wee tractor. But it's also a great shot to show the fence I was leaning on to take the photo, oh and this will be our view.....looking across our little paddock to a couple of roof tops and lots of treetops. This must have been before we planted all of our trees, which are against that deer fenced boundary.



  1. A little slice of heaven on earth. So happy for you guys!

    1. Thanks Jamie, you'll have to venture out for a visit sometime soon! Xo


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