Glass all the way

I've long been teased by a certain 'pack' of cousins about my intolerance for plastic drinking bottles. I swear "I CAN taste the plastic!!!!!". It's meant I've always drunk from my antipodes water bottle, they are the perfect water bottle/vase/candlestick and I will always have a few lying around and a compulsive "must buy one" reflex when I see them in a cafe.
But since I've been drinking my morning smoothies enroute to the building site most weekends I've been looking for a glass takeaway option. Well, three cheers to me because I found one!!!!! The Mason Bar Company have a gorgeous range of mason jars with screw tops and BPA free lids and straws.....ummm winning. Not to mention its a good 600mls worth, no more having to fill two glasses on the go.... Foooor goodness sake, would you just look at my pre-masonbarcompany-find self... I don't know what she's smirking for, she looks ridiculous.
Go and have a looksy for yourself HERE


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