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I popped into Freedom today and they have some really gorgeous stuff! These were a few things that caught my eye.... My 3 real faves weren't online, which has made me think I really must go back and buy them immediately so I don't miss out! I love those lightshades, I'm going to do a mix of shades in natural materials and some gorgeous french industrial shades from Ico Traders. Oh, and how good would these things look with my rug I bought back from Ikea in Melbourne! Now that the house is taking shape I'm getting SO excited about doing the interior!
On a side note, some of you may know about my hat addiction. I'm not proud, I would be if I wore them all with great confidence, but instead, it's kind of been a dirty secret, hoarding hats and really only wearing them while working on the section, adventuring in the outdoors, at festivals etc....definitely not while out shopping or doing the groceries and other normal stuff.
I realise this hat wearing anxiety is completely irrational.
Well, the dreaded mop on top of my head was just not working for me this morning, I had no other option than to don one of my neglected friends. I walked into Freedom, my "I'm just a casual, confident hat wearer" unveiling. I said to myself...."seriously, no one is even going to take notice of your hat". I walked in, past the counter and the guy behind it stopped mid conversation with a colleague and actually yelled "I like ya hat!" In my direction, I was mortified, I said "thanks" as politely as I could while I was mentally junk punching him, you weren't supposed to notice my hat! .....I carried on down to the back of the store (as far away from the hat liker as possible) and another Freedom staffer came over to me and asked if I needed any help, when I said I was happy just looking around he said "ok great....I like your hat". I couldn't believe it. 2 people in the first 5 minutes of my first public shopping in a hat experience. Baptism by fire. For someone who likes hat's so much, I really need to work on receiving hat compliments.



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