I haven't written a post for awhile, not since our concrete dreams were shattered.


Last Saturday morning at 6:30am and a frosty -4°c, we arrived at the section full of adrenaline/excitement/pure joy, we were finally pouring our slab. Seriously, such an amazing feeling to be getting out of the ground and to start building. Foundation work is the Devil. We turned into the driveway to see the pump truck driver had already arrived...early, how good of him.

Well, instead of driving his weighty truck up the gravel driveway, he thought it was a far better idea to veer off and drive through the paddock which had just had 2 weeks of flooding rain on it. A genius with a J.

He got stuck (obviously) so we pulled him out with the tractor and pointed out the route that he should taken.... Which he did with ease. Crisis averted, right? Wrong. He told us it was too late, the job had been called off. Called off before it was even scheduled to begin, by a dude who drove into a wet paddock instead of up a driveway.... I could have cried. Ok, I did cry...just a little one.

Guy cursed, Dad cursed, Dad apologized and reminded me that this was a building site.....clearly forgetting I am his daughter and I am prone to the more than the occasional f-bomb myself. (My Father is not OK with men swearing aggressively in front of Women, just ask the obnoxious drunk fella from the Ikamatua pub in 1975). My Uncle, who was there to help with the concrete, poured himself a stiff drink....Yep, at 7am. My Father in law who had just arrived to help, pointed his car back to Christchurch.


Deflated isn't even the word...


But, you can't change these things, instead we are going for 'take two' this Saturday. With a different pump driver...... Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The silver lining was that we got to have a rare weekend off... We made the most of Waikuku beach....that place is the shiz. Bonus




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  1. Kat that is soooooo annoying! It will be perfect this time, you didn't want that last idiot pouring your slab anyway! ju


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