friday five

Some more music for you weekend listening pleasure...... If you like them that is...
I was excited to see that Daughter have realeased and album....I was a massive fan of this song from their EP and then I had to go and add another song from the new album that I know will be overplayed yet still adored by my ears.

This song is for a lovely friend....what is it with men writing songs about you, sweet Caroline? Must be because you're a steaming babe.
I love all of these albums and I have a crush on him, the tallest man on earth never disappoints me.
An oldie but a goodie, you can't go past a little bit of Dylan on a Friday
Happy Friday! I'll be visiting a finished roof later today or tomorrow. Eeeeee!


coming soon....

A page of who we used for what, a 'little black book' that would of been awesome to have from the beginning, if you are just getting started and dont know who to call or where to begin, I think you're going to like me... I like donuts and flowers, just sayin'.


Raise the progress


The day has come....we have a roof over our heads.....depending on where you stand in the house, because its not quite finished...but it doesn't matter because we have a roof.


We had a surprise early visit from the Waimak council on Tuesday (we were booked in for inspection on Wednesday morning) and apart from a few site instructions we were deemed 'good to go!' Woohoo! I think it's because of our lack of house building experience but we get so freaked out over inspections, we burn the candle at both ends and work day and night to try and get things perfect and usually we hear the same thing 'it's a damn sight better than the last house I was at" or something along those lines.


I have to say, I am so incredibly proud of Guy, that man just gets stuff done! We barely saw each other last week because he was working so hard out there after work, but it was worth it. He has done so amazingly well. I'm a lucky girl.


The roofers who are from Residential Roofing in Christchurch are fantastic....I was a little concerned at how many cans of Monster energy drink two of them were consuming (what the heck is in that stuff, their poor bodies!) The main man on site is Rahiri, Ra for short. He is such a great guy and we were so impressed with his work ethic, just awesome. I made sure to pick up some pizza's and bevy's for them throughout the day, a mini roof shout.


Ready, set, go!
Loved seeing those eaves covered with roof!
Looking toward our master bedroom, and the big sliding window on the west side of the living room. It's my favourite spot in the house so far. At the end of the day it is the best place to sit. We're going to build a nice big window seat/daybed along there.
Baby got back.....of the house.
The west wall of our master bedroom, notice our nice tall windows that will be either side of the bed. You can get a glimpse of the hallway floor to ceiling window and the French doors of the spare bedroom that Guy will use as an office.
Guest bedroom on the left, scullery then kitchen. I love the kitchen sliding window that is going to sit right on top of the bench. We are going to create a small kitchen garden below that window with maybe some hanging herbs


For those of you who have read the previous post about my roof decision anxiety, I'm happy to report, we absolutely love it!!!! Woohoo!

I'm looking forward to a real roof shout once it's all done!! We owe quite a few fantastic neighbours a drink or two!!!


Oh, hi

It would seem I pretty much forgot I had a blog... In the last 2 weeks we have been to an amazing wedding in Wellington then we got home and we have been swallowed up by work and house stuff.... This house stuff is kicking our butts this week. I've barely seen Guy at all with him leaving at 6am for work and then driving straight to the building site when he knocks off, just to start working all over again until 10pm..... Unfortunately I'm not welcome to climb the roof and help with purlins...too dangerous for a lady and all that. Hmpf! So, I've played dutiful housewife and made sure there is a good dinner/cake/cold beer waiting for him at 10:30pm. He's had a bit of help from a family friends son, thank gawd! Bring on tomorrow when I can get out there and put in a good 8 hours work in daylight.


It's times like these that I love Instagram even more (is that even possible? apparently) according to IG this photo of when we scraped the site was taken 16weeks ago....and now we are almost putting the roof on. Not bad for a weekend project I reckon.




Next week is a big one.... All going well, we have edge protection scaffolding going up on Monday, safety nets filling the entire ceiling space on Tuesday, inspection on Wednesday and then as I mentioned before.....a roof going up on Wednesday or Thursday!!!! A freakin roof over our heads!!!!!!


Speaking of my roof, I'm pretty anxious to see it... I have chosen a commercial roof profile, a profile that steel and tube have never used on a residential property before, in fact the sales rep said "No, that will look bloody awful!", he's old school and straight up. I like him.

So, I said "hmmmmm yea I don't think I'm gong to take your advice... I'm going for the bloody awful one" full of confidence and a 'you just watch me old fella' swag. Now, I'm hoping I've done the right thing. Please look good bloody awful roof, pretty, pretty please.

Lots to report next week, so stay tuned and I promise I'll be good at this blogging thing one day.


Friday five


Some more songs for your Friday....

This song by Gregory Alan Isakov makes me want to crawl up on the lap of the husky voiced vocalist and go to sleep.... That's a little weird.


Such an oldie by Blur but if you weren't a teenager in the 90's obsessed with Brit pop then you may have missed it.


I have played this video to almost every one of my friends, this dude is a dreamboat and man can he sing. Matt Corby is going to make your day if you haven't seen this yet.


Thanks for the text this morning Miss Andrea....I've listened to this Vance Joy song twice this morning already. Xx


Ok, so I loved this fella during XFactor (which we watched religiously by the way...we will watch any xfactor show religiously, guilty pleasure, favourite show ever....give me a live audition any day of the week) and when I heard him sing this song, it actually made me love it (close your earholes Bat for Lashes fans)....more than the original.


Happy Friday xx

First splash of colour



We actually got to stain some cedar in the weekend! Both Mum's came armed with paint brushes to give me a hand. It was awesome. We got them all stained (front and back!! To help with warping etc) and the first few boards are already up. I felt like a bit of a genius deciding to pre-stain them like that, until we started putting them up last night.... Just when I thought I had rid my skin of black stain, it came back with a vengeance. What? You don't think black scummy nails are ladylike? Well, you're right. I look like a dirty bogan.


Next up, I need to source some giant safety nets to fill up the entire ceiling space so that I can play in them the roofers can safely put on the roof without fear of falling. All these new rules that probably have Builders' Wives at home taking a deep sigh of relief, are on the other hand enraging my Father. What's to become of these young guns that don't have to keep their wits about them while waltzing about on roof purlins and the like. Well, in my opinion they'll probably be just fine and have fewer head injuries, but no, apparently it just "turns them into idiots". So, Idiot nets it is. Hook us up.
Speaking of these necessary things you have to source during a build. I've had some fantastic people provide awesome services so far in this process and I figure it would helpful if I started to share my contacts. Keep your eyes peeled for a 'Who and what we used' page in the very near future
It was a gorgeous night last night, perfect for getting the purlins up and the fascia Guy and the tiny light coming from his head torch. We got the floodlights on soon after this of course. Another late one for the boys last night 9pm! Hardest working fellas I know.
Oh and remember this wee cutie? Hudson has come a long way since you saw him last. He visited Guy on the building site the other day and gave him some serious love and smiles. We love him!




Friday five

No music for your ear holes today, instead.... Things to buy, covet, ohhhh and ahhhh over.


Ohhhhh I know, that graphic vase is amazing.... I have 3, talk about breaking the bank. Check out this awesome find in the link fest below.

Small graphic vase.... I'm in love. Make some pompoms shove them on a stick and make some pompom "flowers". Not even I can kill them.

Picturing these basket shaped light shades in a cluster of three in our front entrance...maybe with a painted dipdye feature on the bottom of one them.

About to drop some cash on this amazing Evie Kemp swan print any minute now...

Thinking this hexagon planter would look pretty great beside that little vase up there, don't ya think?

And last but by no means least....these amazing chunky woolen throws by Amy from Milo and Mitzy


Happy Friday!



from afar



I took this photo in the weekend..... And it's already changed so much so I'll have to take another. I was thinking I've never really taken a photo from the front fence, so here goes.

I finallllllly cut the grass, one of our fantastic neighbours let me borrow their ride on mower (oh yea, we sold ruby red), it took a couple of hours and my body maintained a vibrational hum for at least 30mins after I finished..... Can I count that as a power plate workout?

I've pointed out what's what below....the shed (HQ), that we built over Summer and the pump shed....which was the first thing to be built on this site. It houses the pump for the water tank. One day you won't be able to see it past those trees when they grow up!



I found an old photo of Ruby, I felt a little nostalgic for our wee tractor. But it's also a great shot to show the fence I was leaning on to take the photo, oh and this will be our view.....looking across our little paddock to a couple of roof tops and lots of treetops. This must have been before we planted all of our trees, which are against that deer fenced boundary.