Friday five

No music for your ear holes today, instead.... Things to buy, covet, ohhhh and ahhhh over.


Ohhhhh I know, that graphic vase is amazing.... I have 3, talk about breaking the bank. Check out this awesome find in the link fest below.

Small graphic vase.... I'm in love. Make some pompoms shove them on a stick and make some pompom "flowers". Not even I can kill them.

Picturing these basket shaped light shades in a cluster of three in our front entrance...maybe with a painted dipdye feature on the bottom of one them.

About to drop some cash on this amazing Evie Kemp swan print any minute now...

Thinking this hexagon planter would look pretty great beside that little vase up there, don't ya think?

And last but by no means least....these amazing chunky woolen throws by Amy from Milo and Mitzy


Happy Friday!




  1. Ah thanks so much Katrina. Big fan of that vase too. Raining up here in the north. Hope you have a nice warm weekend. x

    1. Such a fan of those throws.....they're gorgeous. Keep warm and dry. X

  2. As aways...awesome finds and LOVE the price points. I spotted that print in wonder room in wanaka the other day, such a goodie. Have you found any good lighting options for your 2.4 stud rooms, I am struggling. I have gone around in circles with ideas and like you avoiding recessed lighting where possible.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yep, I love an affordable find haha. Lighting has been a hard one for me actually! I'm getting some much needed help from Tina at she is doing a lighting plan for us. It's great because she has seen my Pinterest etc and I've sent links to lighting I like and she is coming up with a schmick and practical design. I'll share it here when I get it, it might give you some ideas?! Or contact her and see what she can do for you xoxox

  3. Ta muchly... I have found lighting so tough. I am pretty much locked in with lighting placements so I just have to work with them. Will check out Tina's website. Loving your building updates, I hope it was a productive weekend on site x


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