Friday five


Some more songs for your Friday....

This song by Gregory Alan Isakov makes me want to crawl up on the lap of the husky voiced vocalist and go to sleep.... That's a little weird.


Such an oldie by Blur but if you weren't a teenager in the 90's obsessed with Brit pop then you may have missed it.


I have played this video to almost every one of my friends, this dude is a dreamboat and man can he sing. Matt Corby is going to make your day if you haven't seen this yet.


Thanks for the text this morning Miss Andrea....I've listened to this Vance Joy song twice this morning already. Xx


Ok, so I loved this fella during XFactor (which we watched religiously by the way...we will watch any xfactor show religiously, guilty pleasure, favourite show ever....give me a live audition any day of the week) and when I heard him sing this song, it actually made me love it (close your earholes Bat for Lashes fans)....more than the original.


Happy Friday xx


  1. Oh I just love Friday 5! Thanks Mrs Nurse! Another ripper of a list! Totally hear you on reality singing shows! Ed and I keep chewing up our internet with you tube sessions of this very nature!!! Xxx

  2. I randomly stumbled on your blog when I was googling a chair I am after and now I'm addicted to Friday 5. Love being introduced to music I wouldn't otherwise come across.


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