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It would seem I pretty much forgot I had a blog... In the last 2 weeks we have been to an amazing wedding in Wellington then we got home and we have been swallowed up by work and house stuff.... This house stuff is kicking our butts this week. I've barely seen Guy at all with him leaving at 6am for work and then driving straight to the building site when he knocks off, just to start working all over again until 10pm..... Unfortunately I'm not welcome to climb the roof and help with purlins...too dangerous for a lady and all that. Hmpf! So, I've played dutiful housewife and made sure there is a good dinner/cake/cold beer waiting for him at 10:30pm. He's had a bit of help from a family friends son, thank gawd! Bring on tomorrow when I can get out there and put in a good 8 hours work in daylight.


It's times like these that I love Instagram even more (is that even possible? apparently) according to IG this photo of when we scraped the site was taken 16weeks ago....and now we are almost putting the roof on. Not bad for a weekend project I reckon.




Next week is a big one.... All going well, we have edge protection scaffolding going up on Monday, safety nets filling the entire ceiling space on Tuesday, inspection on Wednesday and then as I mentioned before.....a roof going up on Wednesday or Thursday!!!! A freakin roof over our heads!!!!!!


Speaking of my roof, I'm pretty anxious to see it... I have chosen a commercial roof profile, a profile that steel and tube have never used on a residential property before, in fact the sales rep said "No, that will look bloody awful!", he's old school and straight up. I like him.

So, I said "hmmmmm yea I don't think I'm gong to take your advice... I'm going for the bloody awful one" full of confidence and a 'you just watch me old fella' swag. Now, I'm hoping I've done the right thing. Please look good bloody awful roof, pretty, pretty please.

Lots to report next week, so stay tuned and I promise I'll be good at this blogging thing one day.


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