Window dilemma


So, as many of you know from my instagram..... We had a bit of a down day at the house on Saturday. The windows arrived and I was so excited to see them. But as soon as they came out of that excitement turned into massive disappointment. Things had gone wrong. Our tall skinny master bedroom windows had been cut in two with a big aluminum bar running through them 300mm above the ground and the French doors (one pair which are right near the entrance of the house also had these aluminum bars through them. This is not uncommon, in fact most French doors have them, but it's precisely what I didn't want. The big problem was, it was on our plans....I had noticed this and made sure to check several times that all the doors and large windows were just a big pane of glass "like the front door" but this is where things go wrong. Saying things like "one big pane of glass" "like the front door" isn't enough. You need to use the right words and those words were not in my vocabulary....until Saturday.


Vision Bars..... Remember this term if you are a normal customer and not an experienced project manager.... Vision bars!!!! See amazing diagram below.


We don't even have kids who are going to run full speed into a window and when we do, I'll buy a little sucky toy and stick it on at their eye my Nana had to do after I ran into her sliders three times as a child. And come to think of it, she HAD vision bars, they don't even work!!!! Actually, I intend to hold those sliding doors with ineffective vision bars responsible for knocking out the area of my brain that could have harboured the term 'vision bars'.

It's a funny thing this house building because we just feel very lucky that we can do this, yes, we work very hard to make it happen but we still feel incredibly grateful that we have the chance to do something like this, so with that being said, complaining about seemingly small things like a bar across some glass may be ridiculous. But in the relevance of our world at the moment. We are living and breathing this project, we practically only see friends at wedding's, 30ths and baby showers these days. I've even had to miss a couple of good friends Hen's weekends. We keep track of every measly dollar during this build so that we don't run over budget and end up with a dream home filled with our blood, sweat and (after Saturday) tears that we can't afford so when things like this happen it can feel like quite a blow.

Glen at Vistalite called this morning to advise me that they will be taking care of the master bedroom windows because what we have on our plans is nothing like what they provided but when it come to the two sets of French doors and the laundry door, because it was on the plans and I didn't say those two stupid words (oh how I wish I'd asked what they were called!) they will replace it all and charge us for the materials only....which will add a painful $3000 to our already huge window bill. To be fair (I always try and see both sides of the story, they were on the plan and I didn't say 'no vision bars') they are trying to meet us halfway.

But, this phone call is where it got very embarrassing, as soon as he said that, the emotion over took me and I could tell I was about to cry. I had to say, "ok thanks Glen, I will have to call you back sorry I'm a little bit upset"....... Great. Only mildly mortified. So Guy has taken it from here...I'm too emotionally invested as this stage, I felt like I did my absolute best at communicating what I wanted and it wasn't quite good enough and it's going to cost us....


Oh, that all sounds so doomish and gloomish...But don't worry I'm not gonna beat myself up, listen to sad songs and not get out of my pajamas....I'm gonna live and learn, brush up on my building vocab and post this blog so that those of you who are also building can maybe learn from my mistake.

And if anyone needs their car washed I'm thinking of putting Guy in a speedo at Waikuku beach on Saturday and doing a sexy one for $10.... I'd pay for that.

Need to raise this money somehow right?


A roof over our heads

The roof is all done and we couldn't be happier with it. Woohoo!! The profile and the chunky spouting work perfectly with the house.....Phew!!!!


We really needed a good team to get this all done and we definitely had that.
Residential roofing put the roof on for us, they were SO fantastic and we would recommend them to anyone. Well priced and great people. They contracted out the spouting to a great guy called Warren and his cute bearded collie called Wattie.
The edge protection was provided by Pumpjack Scaffolding NZ, it was the most affordable quote we received and they followed through with awesome service.... Nothing was a problem!
Paul at Pumpjack recommended the company for the safety nets.... Funnily enough they are called Safety Nets NZ. Joe was the man we dealt with and I don't think they come much nicer than him. A super great guy who was great to deal with!
The roofing profile is ST-963 from Steel&Tube and the colour is Ironsand.


Bitchin' kitchen

We have a roof on, so naturally my mind is well and truly over all the building stuff and now all I can think about/obsess over is the interior stuff. Never mind the fact we still don't have any cladding on the exterior walls or any wall linings....minor details. The pic above of a London cafe is my 'kitchspiration' it's made up my mind that I will indeed be painting the bricks on the kitchen wall white (twinsies with the fireplace). We are having some final plans drawn up for the kitchen at the moment, which I will share with you along with a kitchen contact, but until then here's some little bits and pieces....
The kitchen cabinetry will be white, the benchtop running along the wall will be stainless steel and the big kahuna island benchtop is going to be reclaimed wood with a waterfall edge.... just like this


These barstools from Icotraders in black to sit at the island
This awesome ($3) vintage macramé holding a fruit bowl over the island... Excited about the small things....
And this is the best part....We finally found the beautiful reclaimed wood that we'll be using for the kitchen island and it was so meant to be!!! Let me tell you a story about a man named Jeremy and how he made this girls day....
He is part owner of Graceworks demolition and after Guy and I spent half an hour cruising around the demolition yard with him, it was abundantly clear that he has a huge passion for salvage, re-using and upcycling. He took us into a large shed where he makes gorgeous furniture out of reclaimed wood and doors (his joinery background is definitely not going to waste). As soon as we walked in, I was overwhelmed by all the things I wanted!!! Like, everything in there.... But there were two hall tables that he was working on that caught my eye the most.
The wood!
It was perfect, it was EXACTLY what we wanted. My feet stuck to the spot in front of them like glue and then I stayed there stroking the wood like a kitten while excitedly talking about its perfection. That's when he said it, the words that made my day.... "it's beautiful wood, Baltic pine, only used for a short time in New Zealand, this wood came from St Johns Church in Latimer Square after it was destroyed in the earthquake" HOLD THE PHONE.... Did I hear him right, the wood that I was so in love with and already had my heart set on came from the very place where my much loved Nana and GrinGrin held each others hands and exchanged their vows. I almost had tears in my eyes, I was so excited!! I am a crazy romantic and I feel like the heart of our home is going to be pumping with so much love with that wood and it's stories in the middle of it. Yay!!

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Friday five


A mixture for you today. These things have all made my top five of the week.

This song by City and Colour

I haven't stopped stalking this girls blog, I want to steal all of her ripped denim goodies.

This song by The White Stripes, an oldie but always a goodie.

I LOVE this song by My Bubba and Mi, I play it alllll the time. Just so nice.

These wall decals from Etsy, there is something very appealing about a bold wall with zero commitment.


And as a bonus because I couldn't find a link. Look up the song Sascha by Jolie Holland, old worldly goodness.


I owe you some house updates, I mean.... we have a freakin roof!! I spent a lot of today trying to settle on bathroom designs and then it became all about the kitchen after a tip off from a friend which has put me on to a different company that she got great results from....we'll see how it all pans out eventually. But for now....

Happy Friday!!!




The School in New Zealand




I've gone and done it.... The girl that says "no way, we can't afford a holiday to Samoa with some of our most awesome friends, we're building a house!" has dropped some decent cash on a course and is flying to Auckland to do it.

Seems crazy... A course over Samoa... EXCEPT this is a course like no other. First of all, Megan Morton is the teacher, umm say no more... amazing. Secondly, Kara Rosenlund, creator of all things beautiful (including the amazing vignette above) and owner of the gorgeous Frankie caravan is also amongst the team of women behind The School. I love Kara's style and would so love to go to her course on vignettes, yes there is a course solely on vignettes and yes, this is the school of my dreams (math, schmath) but unfortunately I can't do them all!!! So my one present to myself is The Science of Styling course. I am so excited.

BUT I am also a little nervous... Many of my friends and family who know me well (and you readers as well, seeing as here I am completely comfotable in my own little blog space) can never believe it but I get SO shy in certain situations. The word course or seminar make my face flush (s'pose that's not so hard, stupid flushy face) but I am so keen to go that I have just toughened up and done it, all by myself, booked it, going to it, red face and all.

A supplier of mine who has witnessed the awkward shyness bought on by course situations once coined me 'The Love and Ginger Ninja'... Yep it turned out she was a word genius. I loved it.

So I'm gonna make like Sasha Fierce and do it. The love and ginger ninja is going to get over her little fear, Hiiiiyah!

But if anyone else is going, let me know!!!! I mean every ninja needs a partner in ninja crime right.... it's not cheating. It's still kinda brave.


I had to post some photos of our quick trip to Waikuku after a small house job at the end of the day yesterday... It was pretty brisk outside so I wrapped up in the grey moose (our affectionate name for our favourite rug - a wedding gift from Guy's Aunty and Uncle in Canada) and as soon as we walked over the dunes our jaw's hit the sand, it was just so beautiful..... Natures pastels. Hope the iPhone shots do it justice.




A sight I won't soon forget and I hope I get to see again.