Bitchin' kitchen

We have a roof on, so naturally my mind is well and truly over all the building stuff and now all I can think about/obsess over is the interior stuff. Never mind the fact we still don't have any cladding on the exterior walls or any wall linings....minor details. The pic above of a London cafe is my 'kitchspiration' it's made up my mind that I will indeed be painting the bricks on the kitchen wall white (twinsies with the fireplace). We are having some final plans drawn up for the kitchen at the moment, which I will share with you along with a kitchen contact, but until then here's some little bits and pieces....
The kitchen cabinetry will be white, the benchtop running along the wall will be stainless steel and the big kahuna island benchtop is going to be reclaimed wood with a waterfall edge.... just like this


These barstools from Icotraders in black to sit at the island
This awesome ($3) vintage macramé holding a fruit bowl over the island... Excited about the small things....
And this is the best part....We finally found the beautiful reclaimed wood that we'll be using for the kitchen island and it was so meant to be!!! Let me tell you a story about a man named Jeremy and how he made this girls day....
He is part owner of Graceworks demolition and after Guy and I spent half an hour cruising around the demolition yard with him, it was abundantly clear that he has a huge passion for salvage, re-using and upcycling. He took us into a large shed where he makes gorgeous furniture out of reclaimed wood and doors (his joinery background is definitely not going to waste). As soon as we walked in, I was overwhelmed by all the things I wanted!!! Like, everything in there.... But there were two hall tables that he was working on that caught my eye the most.
The wood!
It was perfect, it was EXACTLY what we wanted. My feet stuck to the spot in front of them like glue and then I stayed there stroking the wood like a kitten while excitedly talking about its perfection. That's when he said it, the words that made my day.... "it's beautiful wood, Baltic pine, only used for a short time in New Zealand, this wood came from St Johns Church in Latimer Square after it was destroyed in the earthquake" HOLD THE PHONE.... Did I hear him right, the wood that I was so in love with and already had my heart set on came from the very place where my much loved Nana and GrinGrin held each others hands and exchanged their vows. I almost had tears in my eyes, I was so excited!! I am a crazy romantic and I feel like the heart of our home is going to be pumping with so much love with that wood and it's stories in the middle of it. Yay!!

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  1. Oh my goodness!
    What an incredible find with your hall tables and the wood from the church!
    I too am a hopeless romantic and this is such a beautiful story :) thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Clever Katrina, that kitchen sounds perfectly dreamy and I love the instant heritage, warmth and heart of your timber find. I am totally on your page with that connection idea, I have claimed some timber from the farm that started out its life as a gold dredge, then my great grandad bought it and used it to build part of the homestead where it sat in the heart of the house holding up the floor until my parents renovated the kitchen and as you know my family are epic hoarders so I was able to reclaimed it years later from the dumping pile and I am now hoping to give it a new lease of life as timber grating in our shower. I can't wait for the love and ginger open home xx

  3. That story gave me goosebumps, amazing! Totally digging your style, love seeing the progress!


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