Friday five


A mixture for you today. These things have all made my top five of the week.

This song by City and Colour

I haven't stopped stalking this girls blog, I want to steal all of her ripped denim goodies.

This song by The White Stripes, an oldie but always a goodie.

I LOVE this song by My Bubba and Mi, I play it alllll the time. Just so nice.

These wall decals from Etsy, there is something very appealing about a bold wall with zero commitment.


And as a bonus because I couldn't find a link. Look up the song Sascha by Jolie Holland, old worldly goodness.


I owe you some house updates, I mean.... we have a freakin roof!! I spent a lot of today trying to settle on bathroom designs and then it became all about the kitchen after a tip off from a friend which has put me on to a different company that she got great results from....we'll see how it all pans out eventually. But for now....

Happy Friday!!!





  1. Hiya - could you please tell me where you got your black bathroom vanity handles from ? thx!

    1. Hello! We got them from a heinously names store called knobs 'n' knockers in christchurch :-)


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