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Oh hey, it's been a while. Things have felt incredibly slow going lately. Most of the work we're doing has no visual impact....super frustrating and not very blog worthy. BUT we did get our concrete floors polished over the weekend!!!! So exciting! Our fantastic neighbour Chris Hendricks from Not Just Coatings did it for us and we are seriously so lucky that he lives next door otherwise we may not have found him!!! He is a proper perfectionist and 'hard worker' doesn't even scratch the surface of his commitment to his work and doing a great job! The concrete looks exactly as we'd hoped. Super natural with just a little aggregate showing in some areas and we actually couldn't be happier!

I tried my best to get some good photos but it turns out photographing concrete and getting it to live up to its 'in real life' potential is a little difficult.

There we go, one is in the sun....the other is not. Oh and I forgot to mention, they're not even done yet! This is only stage one, we have to cover the floor with boards to protect them until we're pretty much done with everything and then they're taken off and have two more polishing grits and a sealant buffed in..... Or something like that.




This weekend marked our first weekend spent staying over in the shed so we could rise nice and early to start work....which also meant Guy could get early morning and dusk surf sessions in and I could sneak away to the brick mill for some vintage goods foraging....Living the dream.


Oh and we threw a BBQ for some of our closest neighbours who have made an effort to visit, help, give and be awesomely neighbourly in general. It was a super fun night and it turns out when we are all together....the drinks flow like a raging river. I had the hugest hangover on Monday, I was thanking my lucky stars it was my day off and I was thinking of my fellow neighbours who weren't quite so lucky while I ate hot chips for the dream? Not so much. All I can say is that the lane would have been harbouring a few sore heads on Monday and it was the Nurse's fault. Welcome to the neighborhood. Eek!!!

In other news, more dramz with the windows but I'll get to that another time. Ugh.


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  1. Kat its looking so awesome! You really are living the dream out there, x


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