It's been very slow going lately.... So slow that I lost all motivation to fill any of you in with what is slowly happening. A few of you have been asking so I guess it's time to do a post that isn't all sunshine and lollipops.....


These windows..... We just can not catch a break. They have really held up progress, nothing has gone off without a hitch. So I will give you a quick run's a bullet point kind of fill in, full sentences will use too much energy on something that had already been the biggest energy sucker yet.

  • 4 weeks ago we were ready for the windows. Some of the windows arrive, with unwanted vision you know. They are sent back.
  • 2 weeks after that some more windows arrive which all have to be sent back because they arrive looking like this.


  • They return the bulk of the repaired windows over the last week. Excluding the sliding part of the kitchen window, which was dropped on it's way out to us. (Beginning to feel like our windows are actually starring in their very own slapstick comedy)
  • Realise that the other part of the kitchen window has been made to slide the wrong way anyway... Has to be sent back.
  • Site glazers come out to place the glass in all large windows. I take the day off to clean all the birds nests and poop off the newly polished concrete floor that was supposed to be in a weathertight house. We figure we'll just board the kitchen window up to finally make us weather and bird proof.
  • Except.... The have completely forgotten to order one of the large raking triangle windows and the large window above the front door.

Thought I'd show you just some of the poop. Haha, you're welcome. So, yep this was all through the house. It was no small job.

We're now looking at having it finished by the end of this week....fingers are crossed, breath is definitely not held.
It has been a bit of a Window nightmare.... I'm sure at the end of all of this we will look back and laugh....haha... Nope, too soon.
It's a funny thing this disappointment because I genuinely want things to go right for not only our own experience but because I like that I have been able to confidently recommend people and businesses from experience to those of you who are also about to build. I have to say, it's not been a great experience because nothing has gone smoothly and the initial stress of having a 30-something-thousand dollar purchase arrive looking second hand was not a nice one.
Two things though,
  1. I'm proud to say I haven't cried since the vision rails (yep, still embarrassed about that)
  2. As unfortunate as the experience has been, at least Vistalite haven't backed out on us once. They have had many screw ups but they are fronting up to all of them. And the windows we finally have in, we love!
Vistalite are actually responsible for doing all the windows for a large and popular building company and perhaps that hasn't worked in our favour? They would surely be run of their feet with hundreds of orders from them and we're definitely the little guys. I wonder whether it is best to go with a company who deals with quite a few custom builds and not copious amounts of spec houses?
In conclusion. We love the windows we have, we haven't loved the constant problems. To clarify, we are not paying for any of these problems to be rectified. Vistalite has taken care of everything.... That's not to say we haven't lost money with the 5 week drag on to get the windows in. This will definitely be one invoice that will hurt as we pay but I'm sure when we are sitting in our home and looking out those windows....all will be forgotten.


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