Friday five



What the? A Friday five?? Have you been reading this blog for a while? Do you remember when I used to be a little bit good at blogging for a few months and I did a Friday five EVERY Friday?! Well, let's try it again.



Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps ------> Eagles Nest



Matt Corby ------> Lay you down



Van Morrison ------> It stoned me



Janne Schra & M. Ward ------> Eyes on the prize (find the spotify version!!)



Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps ------> Tanktop

I like being reminded of a song so I can listen to it again....that's kind of what I'm doing here... These are songs I like. You might like them too and maybe I reminded you to tune in again....or maybe they're new for you, bonus!!



Happy Friday!



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