Lining at the end of the tunnel

Yes that is gib board on our walls and, Yes, that is a chair in our house. I know it's a little premature for chair placements but I couldn't help myself...that's one of my favourite spots in the house so I had to put something there. It's actually come in very handy for some good honest sitting, looking, picturing what will go where and occasionally just watching Guy or Dad work.
I must say though, I actually have become quite handy with a gib screw gun thingy unless it's an awkward corner where I can't put my full weight behind it (I really need to work on these noodle arms)....nothing a little encouragement with a screwdriver won't fix though. I do still have my own special words for some tools, which amuses Guy and Dad but I generally know what they're talking about whenever I need to pass them something. So, the skills are definitely coming along.
Guy's skills on the other hand have gone next level... So proud of what he can do and love seeing how much he enjoys building our home, it's such an experience we will never forget.... And we owe so much to my Dad who has put in just as much time as we have. Even when we are away for a wedding and we say.... Make sure you take the weekend off as can guarantee he won't.
Hmmmm Do you sense a little nostalgia from me...a little 'oh, what a journey it's been!' kind of emotion...Well, you'd be right...because we just this morning got the big tick from the council to get onto the plastering and painting stage!! I can hardly believe we're here and I'm just soooo excited!
We put in a big pre inspection effort last night until 10pm, this area was a highlight for me...the fire zone. Before
And After!
It was so great to see it all lined.....and Guy and Dad were very gracious when I said..."Wooow! I love it.......actuuually I think the face wall above the fire needs to be around 800mm lower so it lines up with the top of the glass" They decided it wouldn't take much to add an extra 800mm and said "Righto PM (project manager/mistress/monster)" and then I could breathe again with the promise my lines are going to line up soon.
I'm loving the grooved ply ceilings, which we will be painting white... I love white, and white the house will be. I'm counting on the texture changes like this one to give the house the interest that a lot of people use colour for. White textures.... that's where I'm at.
I'm also slightly inspired by this pile of gib against the living room wall. I think a wall mural may be on my list of things to do now....
Half of the kitchen is in... Which blew my mind. Handles need to go on, bench needs to be fitted, Island put together, island bench made.... But ya know, we're getting there!



Last but not least.... Our bedroom!! The plan was to waterfall the ply right down the back of the wall. That WAS the plan until the boys discovered that due to basic mathematics the lines wouldn't line up seeing as the ceiling is on a 15° slope. Naturally, I was slightly devastated... My exciting feature scrapped due to Maths?! Maths! The Maths I said I would never use again when I left school because I would buy a calculator...damn! get outta here 'basic mathematics', quite honestly I have never liked you, you've always been a little mean.


But after I had my grand idea deflated I decided the way to get around it was to take the gooved wall to the top of the windows and just create one giant headboard type feature.


I think it's a win (Guy is almost on board) and like my Dad said...


"it won't be everyone's cup of tea"

But that brings me to my next thought....I've decided that I'm not phased if every persons cup of tea and wine biscuit crumbs aren't at our house.

We're building this home for us and our cups of tea to sit in. And when people visit and don't like something I'm guessing we won't know anyway, I assume, in the spirit of good manners that they would wait until they are sitting around with their own yummy cups of tea in their own beautiful homes to talk about what they would have done differently...right?

Unless you're Kevin McCloud, then you can and will say whatever you want to whoever you want. Because you're Kevin McCloud and that's your job.


Hooray for progress...and an update!!! And to all my Instgram friends, thanks so much for the constant encouragement. You're all incredible!

K x



  1. Kat! My goodness! That is amazing. Its looking incredible!

  2. So rewarding to see all your hard work paying off, it looks amazing!!

  3. how excited you must be!!!!
    talking partners into liking your style is quite a feat. Aaron seems to have an inordinate amount of opinions when it comes to interior decorating. So I end up getting not what I want in some rooms.
    That's okay though, give and take right?
    I can't wait to see what your house is going to look like in the end!


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