Where to hang?


Wardrobes, they're one of the things that I've put to the back of my mind, on the 'not a priority' list....what would Carrie Bradshaw say, that's all the poor girl wanted in the end, right? Unlike Carrie though, my wardrobe is full of "I found it for 10 bucks" kinda items and a little less "I sold my left kidney for this Balmain
blazer" type treasures, so it's hardly surprising.

So here lies the I'm-not-Carrie-dilemma, we have no budget for kitting out the empty spaces we will eventually call wardrobes....none at all. I'm not giving an inch to these wardrobes that could be better used elsewhere, I know what I need to do, I need to get crafty.

I need to make our wardrobes look less budget and more buudgettte (that's budget said in a French accent and written in italics, so much more chic) so I've been collecting some ideas from Pinterest and this is where I'm at.


These driftwood options are right up there for me. I have access to plenty of it at the beach down the road and I love the look of it. Painted or unpainted, still undecided.
This ply and copper job looks so great, we have a fair bit of ply lying around but I'm not sure if the budget would allow for copper pipe.


Crates and boxes for shoes, I've done that before and I think I could easily do it again. As much as I love the rustic look of the boxes, I think I'd go white in our wardrobe to make it look a little less cramped and busy in a small space. There will also be a few less red soles and heels in our wardrobe, mainly just rubber soles if I'm honest.
Thinking, thinking, need to start deciding.....
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


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