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This is the fun part about living in the house.... I'm there all the time when I'm not working, so on my day off it means I'm in the right place to get stuff done! Today I had a little list.


  1. Paint scullery walls with blackboard paint... Tick
  2. Create a little living zone in the dining area.... Tick
  3. Get Guy to put the handles on the kitchen (ok so maybe that shouldn't have been on MY list, but it was still a task).... Tick
  4. Do the washing.... Tick
  5. Do dinner.... Tick

Sorry the last ones were boring and not blog worthy but they were there and in the spirit of authenticity I decided they should stay.... And it allowed me to say tick two more times.


I decided to paint blackboard paint halfway up the scullery walls to save money on tiling and because I think it's a pretty functional room to keep your shopping list... Right next to the pantry, so I can just snap a photo of it before heading to the shops and I shall never forget that we were out of coffee again (because you always remember as you turn into your street, and you know you ain't turning back) which means Guy will have to wake naturally and slowly... Eek.




I measured it 1500mm up from floor level with a bunch of little dots and used a level to draw a line (connect the dots), then I taped along my line and rolled it. You definitely get a better finish when you roll blackboard paint btw.







Now is for a little trick that maybe everyone knew but me. Once the paint is dry, hold a piece of chalk on its side and cover the whole area in chalk. You then use a dry cloth and give it a good rub, doing this will stop those first things you decide to draw from staining your blackboard FOREVER!! Hooray.

Oh and I bought a stencil a little while ago that I used for behind the sink, wanted something reasonably good looking seeing as I won't be drawing behind the tap when it goes in.


Ok this kitchen photo is SO BLURRY but I had to show you the handles on the kitchen! Hooray! We love them. They're a gorgeous matte black and well, it's just so damn good to have handles! It took a long time to find these handles, I wanted something we could centre to keep it looking nice and clean, those cupboards either side of the oven have pull out drawers for pots etc, I just wanted the cupboard face for the look of the kitchen. And the dishwasher is integrated along there somewhere too. Can't wait to finish this room. Woohoo, getting closer.




(Sorry for the even grainier than usual iPhone photos, night time shooting is not my phones strong suit)

And last but not least our little chill out zone..... Ahhhhhhhh, relllllaaaaax.




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