Ensuite tiling......forever

I stand by it, I stand firmly by my decision to cover all 4 walls with 15cm square tiles. It may have taken a VERY long time, my Dad got it started and then Guy took over and then I did the grouting... yes, it was somewhat of a relay because I'm sure it would have broken the Man or Woman who attempted it on their own.
But like I said, I stand by it because I absolutely love it. When my sister walked in for the first time she said "I think this is my favourite room in the house" I could have hugged her....maybe I did?

I'm so looking forward to showing you the end result....actually I'm so excited to see it myself... ha! Eventually we will have the wooden slats on the shower floor, where the lads are standing. We'll have the glass screen up and the old $10 mirror I found on trademe.
Speaking of the shower glass....I ended up finding a company in Timaru who we are going through because it was HALF the price of the Christchurch company that got back to us and that is including frieght. Christchurch Glass didn't even return my phone calls, they clearly didn't need our business, I felt like a crazy desperate stalker, the amount of messages I left....please call me back, we're in need of some shower screens....pllllllease. Nothing. What the?!
That is something we have learnt from this experince, you just HAVE to shop around, I know it takes time and is super draining but it will do the opposite to your pockets....not drain them I mean.

Another thing we found out is that grout sealing is the worst job ever. Avoid it, pretend you have a stomach ache and go to bed and read Homestyle while your Husband finishes it. Just saying.


  1. Hi :) So glad I stumbled across your blog! Really love your style, and the home you are building looks incredible. I grew up in Kaiapoi and spent many weekends at Waikuku Beach, magic spot. We now live a minute from the beach in Papamoa (near Mount Maunganui) and are just finishing an extension and renovations of our 70's home. Its gotta a cool scandi summerhome vibe to it, all black exterior, black joinery and white wooden high ceilings. I'm actually using the same white square subway tiles as you on our kitchen splashback! One quick question about those - I'm a bit worried as I can't find any that have engineered edges (cut square and flat) rather than factory edged (which are a little rounded). The factory edged ones are super budget friendly, but I want them to look amazing too. What are the ones like that you have used, because they look the business. Thanks :) Abbie

  2. Are you willing to share your hard earned success with shower glass? Who was the supplier in Timaru that actually returned your call AND did a great deal? We are soon to be starting a build in ChCh (not through insurance!) and are looking to save any pennies we can!

    1. Hey Hayley,

      The glass supplier is Glass Specialists (Timaru) Ltd their number is 03 6871293 I've been dealing with Natasha. Good luck with the house!! exciting! x


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