Thursday, May 8, 2014

What a weekend



Last weekend was HUGE, we ticked so much off our ridiculously long to do list and it felt goooooood.

Let's start with the floating fire plinth (plinth? That's what we're calling it, we could be wrong) Guy and Dad poured it a few weeks back and we had it sitting in the middle of the room with all the framing and braces attached to it while it cured. Well it was well and truly cured by last weekend and it was time to reveal it in all it's floating glory.



Gone.....apart from the plastic


Guy had the job off grinding and polishing it, then I had the job of having an asthma attack from all the dust.....ok, a little was a wheezy cough....

I got all the kitchen/dining nail holes filled, my Father in law sanded them all and then I started painting all the grooves ready for the roller.

Dad got the chimney all ready for the cap to go on and with a bit of muscle we got it up on the roof
The next day, we hired a wet saw and finally after months of sitting there, this pile of bricks I scored for $21 were turned into tiles/slips. It was a BIG job and poor Guy was at it allllll day long. Constantly bent over, constantly wet and very cold. I felt kinda bad being all warm inside painting....not bad enough to stop him though. He got all of them done, I carted them all around to the front of the house, then Dad started putting them up.


I took this photo this morning. We have done all the bricks behind where the fire will sit because it would be a little hard to do it after it's in. I absolutely love them and although Guy and Dad think it would be a shame to paint them white (as was always the plan) I'm sticking to my guns. We are putting a black woodburner on top of the plinth, and we all know they aren't the MOST beautiful of things, but they are the most efficient and as much as I tend to focus on the design, I don't want to be impractical.
But if we left those bricks natural it would immediately look like instant 80's decor with a logburner in front of them.....a wall by itself, awesome, id keep them.... But I'm just not ready to go full design circle to the years of my birth. I have a few ideas floating round, originally I thought we would do it all white and then I thought to let the fire 'sink in' and not be such a feature I would paint a darker colour behind it..... Still not sure, so I will do it one step at a time....

Here are some of my pins I used for inspiration.




The above house is utter perfection in my eyes, right down to the cute little dog in the corner


And lastly, I love this half painted wall. Hmmmm so many ideas to play with!


Insta mayhem

So, I was put on the Instagram suggested user list...It was an instabomb, a nuclear selfie explosion, a tween craziness invasion. It was madness.

On Friday morning I woke up to at least 500 new followers and it wasn't slowing down, they were coming thick and fast.

I noticed a lot of my photos had been hashtag bombed, some random took the liberty of doing this for me. One overly buff and shiny gym goer also decided it was appropriate to comment on multiple photos of myself with sleazy and greasy comments. Not ok. I have not and never will be that girl who secretly likes being tooted at by a bunch of dudes in a car, I'm the girl who gives them the death stare, all the while visualizing chasing them down and doing some kind of superhero move where I whizz around the car really fast and when all the smoke (from my fast whizzing) disappears they are all tied up and then I tell them "that's not how you respect women, what would your mothers think?" and I'd do lots of powerful finger pointing etc. So you can only imagine how I responsed to a virtual car horn/wolf whistle.

I had a public account but I 'checked out' almost every new follower. A few times when they were private it was a bit awkward, I have to admit I judged a book by its cover a couple of times. But I post a lot of personal photos, I post photos of my niece and photos of our home. If someone is a blogger who blogged about things other than their personal life, I understand the acceptance of all followers, it's all the more exposure and it makes sense. But I LOVED my little Instagram bubble of like minded folk. I enjoy getting to know so many of you, I know there are some that would rather not comment and just watch the build process and that's great too, but sometimes even the quiet ones would pipe up and then I'd get to know them too. I was happy with the fact that everyone who was following me, had found me through another like minded Instagram user. It was nice.

So I switched to private, emailed Instagram, thanked them for choosing me and asked them to remove me from the list, they did it pretty quickly.... I was relieved. Then I spent 2 hours deleting all the new followers, sorry to any of you who got the wrong idea and thought I would be deleting those of you that were following well before the mayhem. I wasn't about to do that.

But since last Friday I have continually woken to at least 100 follow requests every morning.... Of all those people I have accepted about 6 and I would say most of them found me through Ju from Studio Home. I couldn't understand why the randoms were still requesting me and how they were finding me until I realised that Instagram was following me and people must just follow allllll the people on instagrams list.

Honestly nearly all of them are Tweens, with an obsession over people following them, they don't care who it is, it's a numbers game baby. And these Tweens are terrifying. I'm sure most of their online personas are like the Hulk version of themselves... Surely they can't be that bad in real life. I wonder if the parents even know their 14 year old daughter has an account with multiple pictures of herself looking saucily into the camera while horny young boys and seedy old men comment on how hot she looks. I wanted to virtually shake some sense into all of them. But I couldn't and I definitely couldn't keep deleting hundreds of their requests...

So I decided to block Instagram, a real dick move, I'm sure. But it was my only way to be free of the tween invasion and get back to enjoying the platform that instagram had created.

Ahhhhhhhh breathe out, I felt like I was back in the driving seat, in control of who could see what.

There we have it, crap!!! Am I a control freak? Maybe a little.... In certain areas of life. Like interior design decisions.... and Instagram...obviously.

Long live my little bubble