Fire predicament


Help!!!! Remember that giant feature of a fire place we have? Well it seems the council are having second thoughts about it and whether or not it actually complies to the code..... Cheers guys, awesome news. (I don't even care about sarcasm being the lowest form of wit, that's the only wit I've got right now and it's just gon' have to do) so we were given a few options to make it comply,

  1. Raise the false ceiling behind the brick wall above the fire. No problem.... Just bang out a few bits of timber and Bob is the uncle you never had.
  2. Have a shield made to protect the lowest part of the brick wall (closest to the fire) ummmm ok, not stoked you'll be able to see it, but ok....if it makes it all legit then I won't quit.
  3. Create vents in the brick wall by leaving out at least a couple of bricks or using weep holes....screeeeech (record player needle sound effect) hold the phone!!! No way! Deals off compadre! You want me to put holes in the main feature of my room. Are you mental?

I am feeling a little gutted and I need to snap on out of it, because it is just a wall.

BUT, it's a wall that I had looking a certain way in my head long before this house was even drawn on paper. So I just desperately want it to be right. So.....from where I stand, these are our options.


Taking a few bricks out and covering the holes with white vents of some sort. Interesting that I have included this as an option, seeing as in my really isn't.


The next option are the weep holes. Do you know what they are? No? Neither did I. They are this...


So, they're still not great. Especially seeing as there will need to be many of them. But Then I started thinking about Bri Emery's studio. It's gorgeous and there is a giant brick wall painted white but there are a cluster of bricks were the mortar has fallen out. As soon as I saw it I loved it and asked Miss Bri of Designlovefest if it was done purposefully or if it was a 'happy accident', it was the latter and I thought to myself, age and wear for the win, it looks great!
So what if we did that by actually cutting all the way through on some bricks to make vents, and we could make a bit of a feature out of it?! Our wall will eventually be all bricked and all white, so, pretty similar to this wall. Here are some pics from Designlovefest
The big plus about this is that I don't think they will compete too much with whatever art I choose to hang on that wall.
Last option.
I do away with art and try and make some kind of feature out of the venting. Not too sure about this but......
Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts. Drop in your 2 cents, help a sister out.



  1. The feature vents! I think they'd look great at the top on either side of the fire, so two, rather than one.
    Good Luck!

  2. looks pretty good to me, gotta roll with the punches x

  3. Randomly found your blog because of the turned wooden bowl lights! Probably a bit too late but go the feature vents as per the white photos. Perhaps a contrast in texture too, your rough bricks, slightly smoother for the in vent ones, or marble tile inlay maybe. I like playing with textures and like you say not introducing anything too hefty leaves you options on the art side of life or could become the art itself. good luck.


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