Friday Five

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll remember when I used to do a Friday Five. A selction of 5 songs for your weekend listening pleasure. Well spotify have made it way easier for me to do,  so I'm bringing it back like Georgie Pie. Happy Friday Friends!

Look at me!




So I'm pretty sure that this little collection of images makes me a legit blogger, right? Well, I'm saying it does. And I was hooting and fist pumping in delight when I started to figure it all out. I also threw my toys (aka a mandarin skin) a couple of times and decided to hide half of my cane chair because it was becoming the bane of my life. But.... I'm still counting it as a win.


I decided to have a go at being a real life blogger and do a moodboard when I realised that I was failing miserably in my quest for a rug for our living area. Nothing has been working, I thought my prayers were answered last week when Freedom got a large Melibu rug in store (which they have discontinued in that size) and I thought it was a sign...That we must be together. Alas, the online image tricked me into thinking it was a shag rug, upon inspection it was really, really not. The staff thought I was crazy a person, I had stalked them for a whole week waiting to hear it was ready to be picked up and when we got there it was a total 'No'...ew....people like me suck. But it has to be right, and it has to be soft, because I'm a floor sitter and our concrete floors are not made for sitting, they are made for dancing. Which is equally as important buy not my current priority.

The melibu rug (above) is more of a mat type rug, does that make sense? It's got that doormat kind of feel, great for heavier traffic areas I suppose. And in real life it's not white like this, more of a natural jute colour. The dangers of online imagery, what you see ain't always what you get... kind of how my skin looks all glowy with certain filters on instagram, but that doesn't really count because I already bagged myself a husband, so I'm not false advertising...he knows what real life looks like. Poor man.
So yea, back to the drawing board on operation 'find a damn rug!!!' I decided that layering may be my only option, and not a bad one. So I looked at the moroccan boxes rug from freedom, which is most definitely shag, baby.... And because they also discontinued the big one (seriously Freedom, size matters!) then I could layer it on top of their big madras rugs. So, I decided to give it all a go on my computer. And that is the very long story of how my moodboard came to exist and why I am, all of a sudden, a super cool and legit blogger....not my words, ok....they are my words, but when I said them...Guy agreed. Good man.


The other items are things that are vintage or in the process of being made. Except that leather sofa was a pic I found online and was the closest to our actual couch that I came across because I couldn't photograph it with the right light to cut it out. Not quite the awesome blogger just yet then I suppose.