It's all coming along, promise.


The fireplace, finally finished and undercoated!
Time to start dreaming of a deck for summer.....



  1. Looks ah-mazing!! love that sunshine

  2. It all looks amazing! Hello from your newest follower :)

  3. It looks sooooo good! Love the peeping over the bench pic!

  4. and hello from another new follower, Tanya in Ireland. Absalutely adore your house. It reminds me of a house myself and my boyfriend (then, husband now) helped work on on the west coast of new zealand in 2005, Hannhs Clearing. Right on the beach, it was so great, working with travellers from all over the globe in exchage for a bed, food and beer, and laughs! (But sand flies - my lord) Anyhow, I live in Ireland, and with two small kiddos and another on the way!!!! Im a gluten for punishment, only kidding, but well I want to start working from home, making my pillows, cushions out of vintage kilms etc. I have already bought some material, but Im kinda getting stuck. I saw you mentioned on one of your insta posts about this amazing Turkish woman and I know Im really throwing the line out (and the boat) but wonder would you mind sharing her with me? I don't think our business paths would cross so to speak - ill be making only small amounts and selling locally...but wonder if you would mind helping? We can talk more by e-mail if you are interested - I would be so grateful Katrina, I'm stuck for the next step (without getting on a plane to Turkey, Morocco whatever)! :-)
    SO please I hope not to offend you or bring up any negative reaction or annoy you....
    Thanks for your time
    X Tanya

  5. I love the tiles and lamp shades in your kitchen. I always think that black grout makes a lot of sense as surely it's easier to keep looking nice than white grout...? My fiance and I are doing up our first house together (mainly just cosmetic stuff - not structural) and then in four years we plan to leave Auckland and build our own house so your blog is a great inspiration for me - and a great place for ideas. Thanks for all the posts.

  6. Those bar stools are unreal! I've been looking for ones like that everywhere - either completely out of my price range, or doesnt ship. Do you mind me asking where you got them?


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