Life, oh life, oh liiiiiiife



Saw this quote today and thought nothing could be more true. There are always things in life we wish would happen for us but it just seems to take it's sweet time. In all honesty for us, after almost 11 years together, it's tiny people that are half him and half me (maybe three quarters him, ha!). For others, maybe it's a home, a husband, a wife, a promotion, a lotto win or maybe just your hope that your monthly hormonal zit scar will one day fade. I'm all about the trusting!

Happy Tuesday! :-)




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    1. Oh thank you Jacqueline, no need for congrats just yet though....haha sorry it probably sounded that way. Hopefully one day soon. Trusting!!!! :-) x

    2. Ah well Spring is in the Air... You folks have done such an amazing job and your build has been a bright spot for me when we were in the middle of messy discussions with the mean old Insurance co. Now that they have cut us free (aparantly we were stalling the process haha) I am collecting my fav house idears together to take to a draughts person hopefully tomorrow. Still a long way off. You inpsire me to believe we too can get the house we want and can love. I'm sending happy and springy thoughts, my sister lives not too far from you and her kids enjoy living Waikuku way. They have all just shifted to Pegasas School which seems very cool, so here to the future.

  2. Hey chicken it's hard trusting and being patient much to be grateful for though, I remind myself when at the most impatient! You are very zen. And your home is looking sooooo beautiful. Xo


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