I just had to chair



Hey all! I wanted to leave you with a parting gift before we go bush. My trademe watchlist gems that are closing over the next few days...


I would like them all, but holidays are expensive and house stuff is taking a backseat this month in place of some R&R and adventure.


This hanging cane chair, he's a little rough around the edges maybe but a coat of poly would have him looking pretty great again....or left that sweet bleached out grey....just add sheepskin and he's looking smart!


This wire egg chair and its long lost banana chair cousin (minus the sexy cushion). Love these two!! Hey, I've said it before but, sheepskins. Throw 'em on..... Your butt will love ya! And don't forget about the affordability of a fresh powder coat!


Oh, and four dining chairs for $150, not bad I reckon....again....without the cushions.....And have I mentioned sheepskins?? By the way, I have nothing against sheep. Eek now I feel terrible, baa.


Hope some of you love them as much as I do. I have a chair problem and if one of you buy them I can live vicariously through you, you are not an enabler to my addiction, it's totally fine.




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