Dusting off the back of a horse

So yea, as the title says....Im dusting off the old blog, getting back on the horse....or someting like that. I'm a new Mum. I'm sleep deprived. You knew what I meant, right?

So, many of you have probably found us via the Homestyle article.
Wow, so exciting for us.... after many years slaving away on this house beast, to see it all glossy in print like that was just too cool.

I really slacked off on the blog this last year, we were busy doing a lot of "finishing" jobs, which I will get to on here eventually.... Instagram has been my blog for those this last year. Between that and baby baking + working away on the day job, I took my slack blogging to a whole new level...It become non existent.

SO! I hereby pledge to blog,  we have an exciting project coming up. What would our life be without one...and I will start to keep you all informed on that, along with our landscaping around the house and general DIY adventures.

Right now, I'm enjoying the latest project we created, the "New and Needy Human".  I'm waist deep in "mustard seed poo" (to the non-parents, that's actually a thing... Babies are so grossly gorgeous) and I just took a typing pause to clear my bra of a ridiculous amount of cookie crumbs that i shoved in my face while feeding Freya.....note to self, check child for residual cookie, it was my last one, would be a shame to waste it. So until I have things other than poo and feral speed eating to talk about, I will spare you. But it wont be long (says new and naive first time Mother)....

Stick around, or sign up for updates....I dont know how/if you can do that. I will have to ask Guy if I just led you up the garden path with that suggestion. But anyway, I'll see you real soon.