The carpug that changed our living area for GOOD

I think I have made it well and truly clear on the gram that deciding to ditch our living room rugs and replace them with a large carpet square has been an absolute win. But just in case you didn't quite get the point, I have decided to talk about it at length on the blog. Because when you're a 34 year old Mother, carpet becomes something that warrants a lot of excitement and plenty of chat...
I can't believe you 20-somethings still think that drinking cocktails in Croatia while wearing super cool clothes that I'm definitely not jealous of and having the time of your life, is actual fun. You crazy, glistening, suntanned fools.
Carpet! Carpet is life! 

So our living area was great, I'm not going to complain about a big, warm, high ceiling'd living room in a new house (except now I kind of am...the shame) but it never felt right. The white walls which I loved, felt too expansive and the two sofas sitting on the large layered rugs, which only just filled the floor space between them, left the room feeling a little bit nil and kind of just floating, if you get what I mean. Check out this before shot... geeez talk about lacking, Mclacky pants.

So after talking to my friend about how she was going to have a dark feature wall in her living room. I realized I needed to do the exact same thing. Originality!!
And having been loitering around a carpet shop (as you do) a little earlier in the month, I decided the dark wall and a big area of lush carpet was exactly what the room needed. A tall lick of Dulux Blackwood Bay and one giant white wall was taken care of, the room was finally anchored, but a little dark with that dark concrete...So now just the flooring remained.

We went into the Cavalier Bremworth showroom. We chose them because we love their carpet that we put in our South facing bedrooms while building the house. It's the Lattice in Weathered Grey, in case you were wondering. And we had heard whispers of this holy felted wool carpet that they do and how walking on it felt like a thousand clouds spooning your feet. How could we not investigate further.... and as expected, the foot cloud feeling got us good. The carpet we chose is called Curlicue - To die for.... and it's actually amazing! The soft grey colour was perfect and such a good contrast sitting on the dark concrete and it's just SO thick and soft under foot.

See, the thing is... we would have never found the right shaped/large enough rug for the area we needed, it's 3.66 by 4.7, That's large. And quite the exact measurement because it had to be a certain measurement out from the wall and it had to meet a certain cut in the concrete. No rug could do that. Am I getting the point across that this was no job for a store bought rug. Am I mad that it only took 3 large and rather expensive rugs to realize this? A little. But now I have some great ruggage in the bedrooms that I could have never got past Guy to begin with. So, every cloud....

Most carpet rolls are 3.66 wide, so that's where you begin and then you pay the per metre price until you've reached the length you need, 3.66 too wide? Make a runner with the leftovers?! It's your carpet, my friend, do what you like. Our carpet square only cost $124 to have bound in a matching wool, which we had done here
Depending on what carpet you go for, that's an affordable large custom size rug.

It has been a game changer around here, I was such a hard floor person and now I'm a person who writes long blog posts about carpet. Our living room feels so cosy but at the same time, the right sized carpug (carpet-rug) has given the room that much more space to relax and be comfortable in. I'm a total convert. And I can't rave about this Cavalier Bremworth felted wool range enough. It feels like it has been shorn right off the Royal Sheep Family's back, it is actual luxury.

Note: I wrote this a few weeks back and since then, we have had dirty dog paws, dirty husband-boots and alllll the dropped food from toddlers hands and that carpet is a champion. Not once has it complained. It's long pile was born to hide many sins. We're stoked.


  1. Aww thanks Katrina! Really appreciate you putting up this blog - carpet is so on my mind right now. We are the same situation - wooden hard floors (which we love) but in some spaces we need a little more lusciousness. A couple of questions if you don't mind - did you get the carpet backed? Do you find it curls in the edges or does it sit flat ? Looks amazing by the way!

  2. Ah I should have mentioned....nope, we decided not to have it backed with anything because being a more expensive carpet and being SO thick we thought it didn't need anything. It is such a large piece and under furniture it doesn't move around at all and There is zero turning up at the edges, It lays really flat. Could be to do with the size but thinking it's just the heavy quality maybe? Hope you get your cosy areas sorted soon. Such a big tick in the comfort department. Good luck!


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